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Julie2When you come to a place like Las Vegas, you expect the best of everything when it comes to nightlife. You should expect the same when you order a Las Vegas escort. I am the type of Las Vegas escort for the selective gentlemen who don’t want just another stripper to show up at their door. There’s nothing wrong with strippers, but I provide a much more pleasure filled service. My name is Julie and I am so much more than a stripper. I am a high class, professional Las Vegas escort who takes your pleasure seriously. Just because I am high class, it does not mean that I am stuck up. As a matter of fact, I’m just the opposite. I am a very warm person. It’s my beauty, charm and charisma that make me popular among businessmen. Whether you are a businessman or just a regular Joe; I know I will be popular with you as well.

I love the thought of you admiring my body in my pictures. Imagine a sheer nightie barely draped over my heaving breasts. The fabric of the revealing lingerie clings to my soft skin as I dance for you. I brush my body up against you and you feel how tight it is. There is a tenderness to my body that you cannot see in my pictures. It is as soft as silk and I get very excited when I am touched. I want to see the look on your face when I press my body against yours. You smell my neck and get turned on even more. Your breath on my neck gives me chills and I pull you closer. I love being a Las Vegas escort because I get to experience this with you. Each time I go out it’s like a new sexy adventure. I want to go on an adventure with you in Las Vegas. There is no Las Vegas escort that can take care of you like I can.

We have all night to be intimate, so we can start our date out on the town if you like. I am more than happy to just hang out in your room, but there is always time to enjoy a club or bar. What we do on our date is up to you. I can show you an amazing night no matter what we do. You won’t want to miss all the places I can show you. I’m exclusive to this city so I know all the most popular spots as well as the lesser known bars and exclusive VIP clubs. I know all the best restaurants in ever price range. I can also take you to any number of trendy bars that are scattered all over Las Vegas. If you want a Las Vegas escort who knows the true meaning of being an escort, I am your girl.

I am certain that you are going to enjoy everywhere we go on our Las Vegas escort date. I am also certain that the place you will like the most is in your room. You’re going to have a blast partying in Vegas, but the best part is reserved for our private time. The one thing that really sets me apart from other Las Vegas escorts is my massage. I get completely nude in front of you and ask you to lie down on the bed. My soft hands probe your entire body as I make you forget about all your problems. Now that you are relaxed, I can try on different outfits for you until we find the one you like the most. I will let you take your favorite one off of me yourself. If I am your Las Vegas escort tonight, we are going to have so much fun in your room.

I’m getting excited just thinking about our night together. Being with me is so much better than just talking about it. Do I sound like fun to you? Do you want me on your arm in Las Vegas? Pick up the phone now so I can be the Las Vegas escort of your dreams. You will never forget our night. You will want to keep our time together etched in your brain. I am a passionate, energetic and beautiful woman and I want to be your Las Vegas escort tonight. If you call me now, we can be together as early as a few hours. Do you see how excited I am to be with you? I am available for one night or multiple days. When I am your Las Vegas escort, you will not want the night to end. Let’s just start with a phone call and we will take it from there. I can’t wait to be your Las Vegas escort.

I Am Your Best Bet

One of the best escorts in Las Vegas, here. I learned to appreciate my job as an escort when I started working with the Houston escorts and then I moved to Vegas wanting more. Sin City is an incredible place and all though the girls in Houston showed me a lot, Las Vegas is now my home and I know it like ABC. Let me walk you around… Ring me now and I will make you HAPPY! I am so happy to have you on my page/profile in light of the fact that it will be the most astute choice and experience for you now in the wake of perusing to get connected with me as your Las Vegas escort and buddy.

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Put Yourself First For Once

Whether you just desire of having someone that can guide you in the city, I will make sure that your life will turn up side down because of total joy and excitement. Being your companion, my only goal is to please you. I am versatile, passionate, creative, dependable and skilful escort that loves the idea of making men happy. By spending a night with me and any of the Hotels in Las Vegas, it will all be worth it. Call me now; you will never wait for too long since I will head directly to your door step. I am easily turned on by the fact of spending the night with you. I’m always ready to give you what you need in all aspects to meet and even exceed your satisfaction and pleasure. I can turn your night will and hot, call me now!

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